We are a Society dedicated to improving training and accreditation within the transcription industry, as well as affording individual transcribers with accreditation and affiliation to our services.

How We Help Transcribers

Our accreditation and the use of our logo will increase the professional appearance of your business and gain you new opportunities.

We do not grant membership easily. You must complete an application and undertake an online test to determine your ability. There are three levels of membership. Corporate, Fellow (full individual membership) and Associate (basic level membership).

We also offer access to specialist professional indemnity insurance for transcribers, free document templates including confidentiality undertakings and assistance for smaller transcription providers in finding other transcribers to link up with for any larger scale orders.

How We Help Transcription Customers

We provide you with peace of mind. Every company and transcriber with Transcription Society membership will have passed an accreditation test with a high level of accuracy. Furthermore we will have vetted the transcription company before allowing them membership.

We bring a level of professionalism to the industry to ensure that you are able to send off your transcription secure in the knowledge that the service provider you are using is a genuine and trusted transcriber or transcription company.